Today when your 6 year old boards the school bus and waves good bye, as a parent your heart skips a beat and you send a silent prayer that your child has a good day in school and returns home safe.

From the moment bus disappears and till evening when the child is back home, the parents and children are totally disconnected. You do not know for sure if your child is okay throughout the day when she is away from home, at school or any other after school classes.

As a parent you assume or are hopeful and even pray that everything is alright and your child is ok and safe while she is away from home.

This is still an assumption, a hopeful thought, there is no certain way to make sure everything is alright.

This is what a child safety device does, it removes this assumption and keeps the child connected with her parents. Through use of safety device by children and a simple tracking web portal by parents, parents and their school going children can stay connected always and everywhere.

Monito is a child safety product custom designed and built for children. Monito keeps families safe and connected. It comes with a safety device for children and tracking web portal for parents.

Let’s see how Monito helps in keeping our precious children safe and connected with parents.

  • SOS Alert Feature

Safety of our children is a major concern for every parent. As per our consumer survey conducted among parents of school going children, the topmost feature parents wanted in a child safety product was SOS Alert. Parents wanted their children to be able to reach out to them in case of an emergency situation or when help is needed.

Monito’s SOS Alert feature enables the child to reach out directly to their parents with one push SOS button. It supports SOS calling and SOS SMS alert to parents phones.

  • Controlled Phone

On a day to day basis, Monito’s controlled phone feature keeps children and parents connected. You and your child are only a call apart. It works like a normal 2 way calling phone but what is special is that it works as a phone only between you and your child. Nobody else has access to your child’s number.

  • Location Tracking

Know where your child is at any point of time. You can track location of your child in real time through web tracking portal. You would know when your child reaches school, when he leaves school for home or other classes.

You can also track historical location for last 3 days. You can track the route taken by school bus.

In short, you are always connected with your child. Your child steps out of home to school, evening class or friend’s place, as long as she is carrying monito, you are connected to her.

In today’s unsafe world, children are most vulnerable beings as they cannot protect themselves. We as adults have to protect them. It should be our endeavor to make this world a safer place for our children and give them a safe and happy childhood.

Monito empowers your child with ability to call for help on her own when needed. Monito gives parent peace of mind and assurance that monito is with your child always even where you cannot be with her.

Monito is a safety buddy for kids and peace of mind for parents. It is an absolute must for every child.

Let us know your thoughts on whether a safety device would make children safer and better connected with parents or not. You can leave your comments below.